PART 1: Nobility in Selling: A Culture, Not a Tactic

    Program Introduction

    NIS w/ SCS is a part of the program that deals with the question, “Why do we need to take this training?” For participants to appreciate what they are about to learn, they should first understand why they need to learn it. Most trainings fail because of the failure of the organizers to establish a clear purpose. As a result, the participants attend merely to comply, but not to change and improve their ways. The NIS portion of this program deals with forming the right mindset necessary for learning. It aims to uncover the wrong beliefs and mindset that prevents learning and replace these with a mindset that is receptive to change.

    Transforming a job into a calling

    An employee who sees work as a job needs external motivation like raise in pay, incentives or treats. This module is designed to ignite an employee to be internally motivated to excel. It aims to help the employee to see his work not just as a source of income, but as an avenue to express his true self and purpose.

    Module 1: Preparing the Right Mindset for Training
    A. The “Why” and Purpose of Training
    B. Remove road-blocks
    C. Blaze the path

    Module 2: Preparing the Right Mindset for Selling
    A. Is your career also your calling?
    B. Where is selling today?
    C. Selling: A Noble Profession

    PART 2: Systematic Consultative Selling Making Sales Communications Matter

    SCS is about purposeful and deliberate selling. It is a program that incorporates effective presentation skills with other enabling skills such as probing, listening and handling of objections. The program will allow sales representatives to view sales presentations as a process that goes beyond just giving information to customers. This program will help them understand that effective sales presentations should allow the giving and taking of information. It establishes the importance of achieving a two-way communication or a sales dialogue. The program also emphasizes the importance of practicing pre-call planning and post-call evaluations to provide greater meaning and continuity to sales calls.

    The SCS Program will support your overall organizations’ efforts to improve sales performance by providing a unified understanding of the consultative selling process. It provides an effective standard for sales communication, useful for accurate appraisals of sales strategy implementation and customer service.

    Day 1

    •SCS Program Intro

    •Module 1-Initiate Skill
    Opening a call with a new customer is an on-going challenge for salespeople. This module teaches the skills for developing amenities or small talk that can get the attention and interest of the customer and win their time and cooperation. The module also teaches the salesperson how to introduce topics clearly and how to make effective transitions from one topic to another.

    •Module 2-Probing Skill
    Learn the skill to uncover and confirm real customer needs. An important skill for businesses requiring a high level of individualized selling. Customer need satisfaction is highly dependent on the salesperson’s skill for probing.
    -Lecture, Workshop, Role Play

    •Closing of Day 1
    -Q &A, Summary of Learning, Assignments

    Day 2
    •Recap of Day 1

    •Module 3 – Present Skill
    Learn the skill of addressing identified customer needs in a way that will make presentations more meaningful and appreciated. Participants will learn how to put emotions into their selling and allow customers to see how they will benefit from the product or service.

    •Module 4 – Handling Objections Skill
    Learn the skill to handle customer objections and remain in control. This module teaches the skills for effectively handling difficult questions and objections without raising customers’ defenses and keep the dialogue going towards productive direction.
    -Lecture, Workshop, Role Play

    •Program Closing
    -Q&A, Summary of Learning
    -Awarding of Certificate of Program Completion


    The seminar uses a combination of live facilitation, lectures, visual presentations, role-playing, group discussions and workshops to ensure a comprehensive, memorable, and fun learning.

    Note: Recording our training sessions, taking of pictures during training is strictly prohibited.


    – OMTC reserves the right to alter the schedule and/or venue of our workshops for the best interest of our clients.

    – Please note that seats are limited. Pre-payment is encouraged to ensure seat and program materials. On-site payment as well as walk-in participants may be waitlisted subject to availability of extra seats and materials.

    – Submission of signed registration form shall be deemed confirmed. If for any reason your participant(s) cannot attend the program which your company has reserved, you may send a substitute.

    -Final Confirmation of pre-paid participants is based on full payment of Program Investment through a confirmation letter we will send once payment is received. Pre-paid participants are guaranteed to have seats and training materials.

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