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  • Nobility In Selling

    Selling is a window to a company's heart

    Don't Guess !

    Purposeful Selling for Predictable Results

    Why Training Fails ?

    Bridging Sales Training and the Desired Results

  • NIS with SCS

    NIS with SCS is designed to teach sales people a deliberate and purposeful way of selling. The goal is to remove guesswork in selling and achieve more predictable results.

  • EFC

    Effective Field Coaching (EFC) is designed to teach field managers the skills for planning and conducting efficient coaching conversations that encourage a collaborative dialogue with their sales people. The goal of a collaborative approach is to teach sales people how to think for themselves and develop the ability for self-development.

  • Field Certification is designed to ensure that NIS with SCS concepts and structures learned in the classroom are applied in the workplace. The goal is to provide continuity in coaching to ensure sustained implementation and change in behaviour.

  • Why Training Fails ?

    Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a pre-training service that we provide to help companies choose the right people development programs and ensure more predictable results. The goal is to help decision makers put training investment where it matters and avoid waste.

  • Who We Are

    OMTC is a sales training company that partners with leading organizations to help them improve sales efficiency and achieve desired business results. We provide selling systems that improve sales team efficiency and sustain behavioural change that drive growth in sales. We strive to go beyond training by providing practical and doable steps that can be applied immediately at the workplace. We find ways to translate selling concepts into working habits that can deliver results.

    We believe that every engagement with a customer is an opportunity  not just to sell a product, but more importantly, to define who we are and the company we represent.


  • To see Nobility In Selling as a gateway towards developing Nobility In Business , leading to a business environment built on TRUST.

    Our Vision

  • To convert Nobility in Selling believers and practitioners who will convert other Nobilty In Selling believers and practitioners.

    Our Mission

  • We believe that selling is a window to a company's heart. We believe that every engagement with the customer is an opportunity not just to sell a product, but more importantly, to define who we are and the company we represent.

    Our Values

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